Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 5 thru 9 working on 10.....

Kim, so glad you found your way here again. You had me worried little sister! :-)

The brakes didn't happen.... Mike came home sick Thursday, so we took it easy on Friday. Come Saturday, he was bored enough to go down to the car and see if everything actually came in, and check to see if we had all the tools to do the job right. The "shop" had a lift available on Monday (Neither one of us had figured on the "space available" concept for some odd reason. We figured we'd show up and go to work. LOL Silly people!
We did find out that obviously NOBODY here works on their own car. We missed 2 parts, and it took us all Saturday and part of Monday to NOT find either of them, and McGyver it.  We needed  a C-clamp and a small syphon-kit (so we could take a little brakefluid out of the system so it wouldn't go all over when we compressed them to replace the brakes.....) We're ending up using a regular short square clamp and the syringe I use to give perky his medicine.   I hope we don't need the caliper seals, because they are not available in the whole of Holland!

Mike had to go to work on Sunday, and from what I understand, he's staying on the current schedule, so I'll have all the Sundays to myself..... yeay (I'm SO underwelmed!) and I went to the zoo. Had a great time, found out that "my" wolves are gone, and will be replaced with European wolves. That was a bummer, but the Wolverine has a new mate, of sorts. I walked by a couple of times during the day, and one was in one corner, and the other in another, as far away from eachother as they could be. Not at all like he was with his old mate. They would play together, and snuggle close if it was cold. They both seemed a little lonely to me. The fuzzy donkey at the entry way got replaced with oreo cows. I know there's an official name for them, but I don't know it, and this way, you atleast know what they look like, right? LOL.  I made a couple of really nice pictures of the Bobcats (there seemed less than last time and I'll have to check on that), noticed there are only 4 out of 12 Przewalski horses left, they increased the local birds, and moved a lot of the animals around. I knew they had shipped some of the horses to be released in Poland, but I hadn't taken in account that they needed greater numbers to survive in the wild than in the zoo. I was kinda sad to see so little of them left, but the wild ones will have a better chance in a bigger band, so that's ok.  The new wolf-tunnel will be done in July, and that's when the new pack is expected. And I have no idea where they have put the birdcage, but supposedly, it's almost done too.  The otters have a little bit more room. (got some neat pictures of them) and I sat outside and people watched for a bit........ It was interesting, to put it mildly, but that impression may very well have been mutual, so that's all I'm going to say about that :-)
Oh! and someday, I'll actually make it to the raptor show! LOL

I did do my posting every day in the Mini Madness Challenge, and even finished and posted my Point In Time challenge, got some very good news from a dear friend about her pup, some not so good news from another friend, which involved lots of talking and tissues, but she's feeling a little better now, got an unexpected email from Mike's step niece about family tree things (SO COOL! Every time I hear from somebody, it gets me back in to the tree in a whole different mindset. Love it!) got snubbed by my sister when I wished her happy birthday (won't be repeated next year!) and I'm ready for the week. I took today to spend with Perky and the computer.... (He's sleeping in his basket next to me on the table) and will get going on the schedule starting tomorrow. Right now, it's time to get the groceries in, have a cup of tea when I get back, and start dinner. BUT, not before I show you the pages for the challenge, and some for Boo's part in the Collab Cafe in Paris.

 Day 5

 Day 6

 Day 7

Day 8

Day 9
All pages are made with Boo's kits because I'm still adding more than subtracting from my wish list.... I better decide soon, because the sale only runs thru the 5th!!!

OH, Boo asked the blossoms to put a question out there......

For the Point In Time challenge, I used Boo's part of the Cafe in Paris Collab over at The Studio.  Will you come and play with us? The April Challenge thread wasn't up yet, but than, it's still early in The States, and Toiny is hopping with the Mini Madness thing, so ..... The challenge information is on this invitation in the gallery if you want to get started, the rest would just be housekeeping things like "credit, photo, journaling.... that kind of stuff". Just check back in a day or so to post in the forum, as soon as Toiny catches her breath, I'm sure it will be up in no time at all.

I absolutely adore the silky look of the paper, and someday, I hope I can figure out how she did that! LOL.

My official page with her kit, is:

Well, I think that's all I needed to catch you up on. Hopefully by tonight, I'm caught up with everything I left over the last couple of days, and I won't have so much to tell you in one sitting. 

BUT, for now, don't forget to hug that loved one, and don't pull pranks today you don't want coming back to you..... LOL


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 4

and the schedule is AWESOME!!! I get more done, and have more time to myself than when I just winged it :-)

Just got done posting day 4 in the mini madness...... and realized I hadn't posted day 1 at all, so there's 2 to show off today....... and,
YUP! I went for the "kits not played with" approach! LOL. More by necessity than design, I may add. I figured out there are 10 days of challenge (coupons) and my list is 38 kits long, so until I trim that one down, instead of keep adding every time I look at he mini-kit section on the site.... I'm kinda stuck. Not a bad place to be, I agree, but it's not really conducive to getting pages scrapped. :-)

BooLandDesigns  ONE PAGE WONDER # 38


I had OSB-1 slated for the trip to the beach we've been planning for a good 6 months now, but I figured there's no harm in using it twice.... and we're not even sure we're going to make it this year...... I know, 2.5 hour trip, should be doable, right, but with both Mike and me being tired, and worst of all in a fair amount of pain, every day...... we'd have to have more than 1 day between work, so Mike has a chance to veg at least one day before going back, so... until he takes vacation, I don't think that's going to happen.

I won't post tomorrow, or Friday, maybe not even Saturday, and there's a very good reason for that!
Tomorrow, is Sisterday. Nicky is coming up to our place (Or is it down? never could get that straight LOL) so it won't be an early start, or a late night, but we'll be enjoying eachothers company none the less. I have a dinner planned for the crockpot, so even if we decide to go out, we can eat when we come back, and if we decide not to come home for dinner, at least Mike will have something to eat......
Friday, we go fix the car. The brakes finally came in yesterday. Well, the parts we were waiting on. The front brakes came in last week, but instead of going twice, we decided to wait until everything was in, and just rent the lift for the day. Base has a garage with 4 lifts, where you can work on your car. There's a mechanic on duty, for when you get stuck, but you're supposed to do the work yourself. Which is fine by me. I need to learn these things, so..... I'll be dirty, grimey, tired and more than likely hurting more than a little by Friday night, but it does mean that our baby will have stopping power again! Just in time for the annual APK check on April 11. April is going to be a weird month. The whole family (People, pet and car) will have a check up! LOL  I keep thinking, besides that, it will be busy, but I couldn't tell you with what, so that will be a surprise to all of us!

Well, gotta run. Took a posting break, and now it's on to Cooking dinner. I have this plan, that will take a little bit to finish, so it's a good thing Mike won't be home till 6..... He may just have dinner when he gets here. I'll let you know how it panned out (aka whether we needed to implement plan B - Chinese take out)

Don't forget to hug that loved one!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

MADNESS, I say... Pure madness

I am "making" myself, scrap a page a day....... Well, that's nothing new, really, but the challenge at The Studio is, kinda....... It's in day 3, actually. Barely made the deadline on day 2, and had to cheat a little to even do that. I had one page done for the new One Step Beyond kit, that I hadn't posted yet, so I posted it under the challenge. It's allowed, I just feel like I'm going to have to make it up, and make 2 on another day......

I am using yesterdays coupon, to buy tomorrows kit, so I have to do one a day....... OR, I may just go thru the kits I haven't played with yet, and go for them....... Haven't really decided yet.

So, Day TWO was:

There's a story behind the picture...... (Isn't there always, though?)
My sister has a pond, and ever since they got back from Singapore, every spring, there is a month or so that all you hear in the back yard is frogs. There are several kinds, actually. There is a bullfrog, and the "regular" Dutch pond "kikkers". She has no idea how/why they started coming. They weren't there when they left for her hubby's work. Every year, they have so much eggs, that they take a bucket to clear most of them out, and put them in the neighborhood pond. It's big, and has several little canals, and tons of birds (including a loon) and fish, so it easily accommodates the brood. It's just a little disconcerting when you're sitting in the sun, enjoying your coffee, and a frog hops on and off your foot!  My niece took this picture, and I just can't get over the fact that you can get that close, but than..... he may have had other things on his mind than humans. LOL

 Day THREE was:

Back when we had an oven, I LOVED baking. This shows the prep-work that went into making cookies to give away at Christmas. I found a bunch of cookies that had been Pilsbury bake off winners, and I decided I would give them a shot, make 2 or 3 dozen each, pack them in a cookie tin, add the printed recipe's and give them to the neighbor for Christmas. Between chemo and napping.... I actually got it done! I was so proud of me. LOL  

I DO wish I could find the cookbook again. It had so many recipes that were simple, some that completely went over my head, most all of them looked so scrumptious!!!!  I looked online, since the book has been out of print for more than 20 years, but from here, all I get is a message that "this book is not available in my area...." Stinks though, I can't even tell if it is really not available as a download, or if it is just off limits outside the US. Had I looked when we were still in Iowa.... I possibly could have downloaded the whole thing, not a problem. Oh well,  I'm making a list, and when/if we ever go back, I will take the laptop, and download for 5 days! (There's a lot of county histories I still need too, and I'm finding new ones as the family tree expands.....)  BUT, you're not here to hear me moan about copyright, public domain and sales zones......  

I'm being busy though. I have made a plan a while ago, and I think, barring weird, strange and extra-ordinary things happening (not holding my breath that they won't, but I can dream, can't I?) I can start and keep up with it.

I took all the chores (you know, monthly, biweekly, weekly, twice weekly and the daily ones) and put them on a list. Than I wrote me a list with every day of the week on it, with chores to be done per day...... and crammed everything in the days that Mike works! LOL.......  THAT does sound like me, doesn't it? It' not really what I ended up doing though...... 
I work on the house until the chores are done that need doing, catching up and working ahead, if my time gets used otherwise, and have lunch after I'm done. 
Than I work on my Web Design Course for 4 hours. 
Starting dinner at 4.30, so when Mike gets home everywhere form 5 to 6.30, dinner is almost if not all the way done.

After dinner is done, I try to do the dishes, if I don't, they're on the list to do first thing in the morning anyway! But after dinner, is "my time" I can scrap, research, or........... (and I never thought I would ever say this), I can play my new game on the computer!  My niece told me about Zoo Tycoon...... I so wish she hadn't! I'm completely and utterly hooked! Mike picked it up from his mailbox on Thursday and I've installed it on Saturday but didn't play. Yesterday, Mike was playing the Sims, and normally, I mill around, or do some research, but yesterday I didn't even fix dinner!  Mike fixed tacos, and just told me it was ready. I hadn't even noticed he started it, and believe me, the house is not big enough, not to notice when somebody is cooking..... but I never realized it was 7PM, and I started playing around 10. Today, I'm staying as far away from the laptop as I can.... Don't want that temptation interfering with my "to do" list.  

Well, lunch is over (I know, I got done early) and it's time to go get the groceries in, and than..... Study. I SO love this course. It started out to see if designing websites, and the coding is as much fun as it seemed...... YES IT IS!!!!  It completely unearthed my inner geek! Can't wait to build my first website, including the coding that goes with it. I first got interested when I hit the wrong tab on FrontPage, and saw all the coding, and I've been wondering about doing that ever since. Now that the powers that be have decided that with my medical history, and the fact that the last 25 years of working in the US is like not having worked at all (!), I will probably never work again..... I thought this would be something I can do from home, on my terms, but before committing to a more focused (read "expensive") course, I got this one. It's basically web design for somebody that has only surfed, and never done any coding.... 
Just my speed :-)  I'm loving it!

Just wanted to catch up with you, and I will spend a little more time next time on the CT things... I promise.

Don't forget to hug a loved one!?

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Brother In Law is home and doing as well as can be expected. Thankfully!
So hopefully, I can catch up on my loss of sleep, and body aches that come with "over doing it" by beginning of next week, and start on that schedule..... I swear, if our life will ever trickle along without mayor rocks being thrown in the stream, we will NOT know what to do with ourselves, but I know we'll settle for a calm period, just for a little while, to get our barings. Not to get complacent, mind you, just long enough to catch our breath LOL

I started this post on the 8th of March..... YUP, that rock hit the stream. Nothing mayor, just a lot hitting the fan at once, again, a couple of really bad days, a couple of just bad days, and you're 2 weeks further on the calendar before you know it!

On the upside of things........ I signed myself up for the Mini Madness Challenge over at The Studio. It started today, and will run thru April 5th. and every day you can make a page with a mini-kit of your choice, and when you do, you will receive 1$ coupon....... BUT, and this is the awesome part (besides the scrapping, of course) all the mini kits are 1$ during this challenge, so you can buy the kit for tomorrows page, with the reward you received for yesterdays page......

My first page was with one of Boo's new series the One Step Beyond kits.... #1.  I had planned to use it for our trip to Panorama Mesdag, sometime this summer, but I remembered I had taken this picture of a whole row of seagulls on our trip to Den Bosch in January...... So I used it for that, and I'm sure there will be a kit for the "yet to be taken" pictures by the time they're taken LOL.

Well, it's late, I'm bushed, Perky and Mike already took off to bed, so I think I will follow.

Don't forget to hug that special one?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ok, maybe not ALL the way.....

Last week Thursday, I get a call that my brother in law is in the ICU, he has had a severe heart attack, and the 5 stents he already had were clogged completely, so they put 2 more in. There is talk about an open heart surgery but in the same breath, it is stated, that he does not want it, and he does not want to be revived. Can you imagine everything that went thru me at that time? My oldest sister, has had a rough time of it, and I just couldn't begin to think what she would be going thru.  Needless to say, sleep was eluding me that night, and every night since.

Friday, I get a call that he has had another heart attack, and they DID shock him and performed heart massage, but he was awake, be it disoriented, and they were going to do the surgery Monday. It would take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours and they would start between noon and 2. Later it turned out to be an arithmia, but even so.... more stress on his body before a surgery that is not at all without risk.

So......My sister doesn't want anybody there during the surgery, so I'm at home, burning candles, mumbling to myself and in general going nuts! Mondaynight at 8 I still haven't heard anything, and I'm climbing the wall. Turns out, happily, that surgery was over and done with by 5, he's in recovery, and he will be woken up over the course of the night. If he breathes on his own, and his heart beats without help, he can start healing. But the next 48 hours will be critical.

That's the last I heard, so I'm assuming, all is going well..... My assessment of life going to hell in a handbasket, was a little premature. Thankfully!

The downside is, that I haven't slept more than 5 hours since last week, and I'm feeling it. I can't think, when I sit down, I nod off, but when I go to bed, I'm wide awake, and tomorrow, I'm going to have to catch a train at 9, with a stop at base on the way, to get train fare LOL. The good thing is, it's for Sisterday. Nicky and I are going to spend some quality time in front of the fireplace, catching up with eachother. The last time I saw her was around Christmas, and that is way too long! Maybe I will sleep tomorrow :-) and I can get back to what I need to do by saturday.... Keeping my fingers crossed while typing that one! LOL.  I hope to get thru all the emails and snailmail by Sunday, and get caught up with everything else I've been neglecting by Wednesday, and than I should be back to following my schedule of chores, courses and scrapping.......

I'm going to say "nighty night" and set the alarm for 2.30. I don't want to sleep thru Heritage Chat over at Ivy again...... I feel like I have been "phoning in" all my duties with Ivy, Boo, PattyB and Emst. I will get life straightened out, someday, I promise! LOL 

So, don't forget to hug that/those special someone(s) extra tight?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

life went to hell again

I will fill you in at a later date. Everybody is fine but I will be Awoll for a couple of days

Found this one on Pinterest a while ago, and today just seemed like a good day to pull it out in the open......


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Almost back to normal......

Well, as normal as our life will be, I guess LOL.

I'm a little worried about my sister in law. We haven't heard from her in a while, and she hasn't visited the blog and doesn't respond to emails.... So Kim, let us know what's going on in your neck of the woods?

StarSongStudio's announced her retirement from designing at the end of this month.... I'm bummed, but I understand. She has to do what is good for her, but I will so miss her talent! I'm hoping she'll miss designing so much, that she'll be back in no-time, but  you really can't tell how life is going, as we have found out over the last couple of years. Sometimes, something just "gotta give" to allow some breathing room. I wish her all the peace she and her family needs, and we promised we'll stay in touch!
If you had any thoughts of "later" on any of her beautiful kits, please visit her stores before they close on February 28th!!!!

 photo CUDigitalsBlinkie_zps7232c477.gif

I don't think there was one kit of hers I didn't love, but there's always a couple that stand out (Usually the ones with the pages that came out better than I could imagine... LOL) and some that were much better than my talent for showing them off, and for that I apologize!
It was a fun ride Ann. Thank you so much for trusting me with your creations!

Here are some of my favorite pages/kits/memories put to paper, in no particular order.

Sweet Rememberance
Berries and Cream

I know this is made with Anns kits, but I cannot find it in my stash. I want to say it was Tangerine dream.........
Winter Symphony
Raspberry Truffle
Bright Blooms
Rosy Dawn
Autumn Prelude
Sea Bundle (Sea Passage, Sea Journal, Sea Scapes, Sea Side
Lavendar Dreams
Mountain Whispers 
Atumn Reflections
Autumn Reflections
Painted Ladies
Teacup Garden
Wildflower Symphony
Lady Steampunk
Remember this day
Time for Tea
Sea Passage
A moment in Time
Lavendar Dreams
Toys in the Attic
Winter Wonderland
Sea Side Christmas
Winter Ruins
Nouveau Nostalgia
Forest Fantasy
Even Tide
Blue Poppies